AUGUST 16th & 17th

saffron rice fritter stuffed with manchego

scallops, white acre peas, romano beans,
ajo blanco**

arugula, fig, goat cheese, hazelnuts
gluten free

**ajo blanco: “white gazpacho.” Chilled bread and almond soup.

SERVED FRIDAY & SATURDAY - starting at 5:00

Brittaney Litton

Hello! My name is Brittaney, and I’m just a girl…learning how to live right. I’ve spent the better part of my twenties doing the opposite. I woke up one morning and finally realized what I wanted to be when I “grow up”: a clinical nutritionist. But until then this blog is to serve as documentation for my triumphs and follies, my research, and a catalogue of all of my trial and error recipes. I have a less-than-ideal schedule in the food and beverage industry. It’s been a fun ride, but I’m ready to grow up. Follow me as my apron anxiety continues to grow as I try to find the best gluten-free pizza crust and vegan cupcakes. Bear with me as I research new and old diets, clinical studies, and countless literature. Laugh with me as I fall out of eagle pose and swear off yoga [and I do mean SWEAR]—I know, I know, yoga should be stress-relieving…and, yes, it happens every time. This blog is a record of my findings; and I’d be a fool to leave this disclaimer out: any and every post is subject to contradiction at a later date. After all, I am a work in progress.